About me

Welcome to my brand new blog!  I've only just started so it's very much a work in progress with lots more to be added shortly.

I originally started blogging here to complement my shop, Bluefinch Boutique.  As time went on, I realised I was blogging less and less about the shop, and more and more about crafting, travel, crochet, baking, cooking and everything else under the sun.  I decided I needed to separate the shop posts from the 'everything else' posts and Sunday Girl was born.

Me and my boyfriend, Glyn

A little about me...

I'm lazy but love walking and the outdoors.
I've been vegetarian since I was 11 but still get occasional cravings for bacon.
My favourite countries are Italy and Turkey.
I've got two big cuddly rescue cats, Pepe and Fluffy.
Modern Family makes me cry with laughter.
I live with my lovely boyfriend in our 100 year old house by the sea.
I love Beyonce a little too much 
Crochet is one of my favourite ways to unwind.
I have a very poor attention span so my house is full of abandoned projects.
I'm a total bookworm and can't sleep without reading a few pages before bed.
I'm a red wine girl but never say no to a cocktail.
I only ever buy cruelty-free products and think everyone should do the same.
I've just started learning Italian and am trying to tone down my 'comedy' accent.
The Doors have been my favourite band since I was 12.

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